Top 3 Characteristics of A Successful Businessman With Napoleon Hill

I was reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Beside the all great points and secrets he mentions about successful people, he summarises the all secrets into three main ones:

1. #Definitness of #purpose

Consider you go to your bank and tell the bank teller and ask her to give you a lot of money. She asks you with surprise: how much do you want? And you say a lot, the more the better…
You can’t expect to get anything from the bank if you can’t fix your mind on a figure. How Much?
Life and universe work in the same way. There are lots of people who want many things including a lot of money, but if you ask them how much do you want? They can’t give you an exact figure. So the universe bank teller can not and will not give you anything. Make your mind and come up with a figure or a specific goal and set that as a definite purpose and work your plan around it. Never lose your target and never change it until you achieve it. Then you can set a bigger goal and on and on.


2. #Persistence and Hard Work

Setting a goal is a very crucial step but not enough. There is a need for hard work and continuous trying. Think of all the things Edison, Tesla, Einstein and many other did just because they never got disappointed when they failed. You must do the same and remember that “you Amy fail but you are not a failure”. Fail is a verb not to be used as a noun. So keep trying and keep showing up.

3. Have a Dream


I have a story for this one. There was a man who all day long was praying God to win the lottery. He got tired and slept and dreamt of God who told him:” dear son, if you want to win the lottery, at least go and buy a ticket.
Our life is the same. We try hard and work all of our life and reach our little goals and then… get tired of life and become a pessimist person. The problem is there is no dream. A dream is what keeps us going and makes us feel happy and satisfied with our life the moment we fulfil it. So remember:” To reach Your Dream, First You must Have One.

Now you know why some people are super successful and some are miserable. Spend some time every day thinking about your dreams and goals and how you can make them real. Plan a good way to make the best out of the precious time of your life and remember you have only 1440 minutes in a day. So do not waste even a single one of them and do your best.

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Good Luck!

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