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I’m Mike Mohebbi, Creator of Passive Cashflow Academy (PCA). If this is the first time you come to my website, this page is definitely the best place to start. This page contains some guide lines and resources for you to get a general idea of what my site is about and how I can help you to start your journey to become financially free and hopefully rich.



The PCA Goal and Definition

I am a trader, Forex (Foreign Exchange) and Stocks are my main markets and Binary Options, and that’s how I earn passive cash flow. Well, let’s be honest, there is no such a thing as 100% passive cash flow. You must do something so that flow of cash doesn’t stop, right? in any business, you must call some people, manage your employees, order some things, pay people, meet with others and anything to keep your ball rolling. 

What I mean by passive is you don’t need to trade your time for money, having a 9 to 5 job. The way I earn passive cash flow is by trading ( and yes, there are many other ways as well ). All I need is a computer and an internet connection. I can literally go anywhere and still do my business, Especially in forex which is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. 


The PCA Business Model

I’ve been trading for more than 12 years, and NO I’m not a professional, institutional trader. I am a normal guy who spends most of his time on the computer, learning all sorts of stuff about trading by himself. and my motto is: ” If I can do it, anybody can”. 

But It seems that there are many people out there who either don’t know how to start or don’t know how to be a successful trader. Trading can be a stressful task if you don’t know how to do it properly ( believe me, I’ve done it for some years, it sucks the life, energy, and enthusiasm out of you and leaves you nothing but empty pockets). Some of you need proper training and materials to learn, and some of you don’t want to do it yourself. I understand and that’s why I started this website.

I know that there are the whole bunch of scammers and frauds out there trying to get your money and give you no value. I know that you are lost in the plethora of information and confused and overwhelmed ( well, not all of you definitely) by all those sites trying to sell you a course, a holy grail indicator or…. Again, believe me, I have bought many of those courses, holy grails, and indicators, from $17 to $5000 and none of them worked. not because they sold me a bunch of crap ( some of them were really good) but, most of the time because I didn’t know how to put together all that information and make money with it.

So, after learning all about trading and analysis and markets, I finally found out the KISS rule.

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

The day I heard about that rule, first I laughed and then I got sad for all the time, energy and money I wasted trying to find a get-rich-quick-scheme. It was really that, very simple, right before my eyes. Because I knew all those stuff and I had studied it for some years, it just suddenly clicked and everything went to a whole new level and direction. I’m not saying that I am the best trader or I never lose a trade, that’s part of the game, but what I mean is I know what I’m doing now, I know where my trading goes and how I should be calm and focused in this volatile market and time.


What To Expect and How I Can Help You

Besides all the things that you can learn on my website, there are two ways that I can help you earn some passive cash flow. It all depends on what you want to do:

  • I can teach you how to analyze charts, read between the lines and how to trade
  • or you can simply copy my trades 

Either way, there is something to learn. So, decide what you want to do and click on any of the links below:


What Passive Cashflow Academy is not

The plan that I follow is mainly focused on financial literacy and educating people to be a good trader. I’m sure It takes a lot of hard work and effort to first find and then understand the rules if you decide to be a full-time trader, but having a step by step plan and a mentor who has done it all before is definitely the best way of learning and becoming successful. Being a successful trader asks a 100% commitment and takes a lot of courage and time. So if you are here to find a shortcut or find a way to earn more money, PCA is not for you. Besides, I’m not rich and I just share what I learn. Two can play the same game and get totally different results. So make sure to know what you are looking for first and then plan your life. If you think the information I share here is not good for you, please make your changes in your plan and follow your own rules.


Structure of PCA and Game Rules

The idea of PCA blog is based on financial education and financial literacy. There are 5 major areas that every business person knows and follows:

  • Learning Curve and Building The Knowledge Fundamentals
  • Teaching Technical Analysis As The Core Rule Of Becoming A Trader
  • Psychology And Success In The Trading World
  • Turning A Hobby Into A Profitable Business
  • Management and Business Planning

Lack of knowledge in any of these areas leads us to failure. Imagine building an Empire State building without putting a deep and strong concrete base. It won’t last long and sooner or later it will collapse. But if you want to build a house in suburbs, you only need a 300mm slab. So define your goal first and then prepare yourself for the best results.


Things You Must Consider Before Taking Action

I live in Melbourne, Australia. The ideas and information I share here on PCA are only applicable in Victoria, Australia. Though the general rule and game plan is the same in most part of the world, it may have some differences among different states and countries. The tax laws and real estate trends and stock market ups and downs may be totally different in your area.

Every rich person has a great team of advisors around himself and uses their advice to make the best decision. Lack of having such a good team shouldn’t stop you from acting but you must have in mind to find and hire the best professionals as soon as you can. It definitely saves you lots of time and effort as well as money. Do not act on emotions. Decisions based on emotion normally end in regret. Ask, search and study as much as you can to get a better idea of what you want to do. finally, it’s the system that works not money.


Last word

I work hard to build my future and I know that I will fail so many times. But these are the failures that finally lead to success. I share everything, good and bad, failures and successes, plans and scams so you know what to do.

The only thing I can say is that you are amazing. there is only one person like you and that’s you. So get up, plan the journey and start. Stop making excuses. Success is not easy and certainly is not for the lazy.

Good Luck

Mike Mohebbi

Founder and CEO of Passive Cashflow Academy



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