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I’m Mike Mohebbi, Creator of Passive Cashflow Academy(PCA). If this is the first time you come to my website, this is definitely the best place to start. This page contains some guide lines and resources for you to get a general idea of what my site is about and how I can help you to start your journey to become financially free and hopefully rich.



The PCA Goal and Definition:

Despite most of the people who think if they go to school to get a higher degree and get a higher paid job, they have no financial problem anymore, I believe more money doesn’t solve the problem. It just gets them more trapped in the Rat Race. For many, this is the only routine they know, they study more and get a higher degree or certificate, got promoted in their job, but the money problem gets worse.

I study different books, attend many seminars and talk to rich people, trying to find what is missing from my education. I think rich people not only earn lots and lots of money, but also they know how to manage it, how to keep it from others ( Robin Hood theory) and they know how to invest it and turn it into Passive Cashflow Stream. most of us hardly even accomplish the first step.

I like to learn. It’s been within me as long as I can remember. This time I learn, put to test, succeed and share it all here on PCA with you. You may not want to follow exactly what I do, but It can give you an idea of where you are now and what needs to be done. PCA just shows you the way and with a little adjustment, you can figure out a good plan for yourself.


The PCA Business Model

I will make a short video to show you exactly how to start and what to do but until then, this is the overall view of my business model:

  • I earn money form my 9-5 job. I pay tax for it and spend the left over for my daily life expenses.
  • I save a little (If I can)  in another account (FFA or Financial Freedom Account, I will explain it in details in a post)
  • I educate myself and try to learn financial literacy to cover my weaknesses and strengthen my power points (I’m still saving money) .
  • I learn about Accounting and Sales as well as Business Management and Tax laws (I’m still saving money).
  • When the time comes and I’m ready enough to test my wings, I invest a percentage of my savings to learn the practical side of the game as well.
  • If I loose, I learn a great lesson and continue to the next investment. I still have enough money in my FFA account to start again (I’m still saving money).
  • Just like learning how to ride a bike, after one, two or three lost investments, I finally learn the rules and successfully start to earn my first passive dollar from my investment.
  • I continue the plan and make my asset column (I explain this fully in another post)stronger
  • finally the day comes that my passive income from my investments is enough to cover my expenses and I’m finally free and retire happily.


Passive Cashflow Generators: What To Expect

The first part of any successful business is generating income. Here in PCA we talk about Passive Cashflow instead of income. Our main goal is to have a passive income so we can do whatever we want without worrying about working to earn money. There are 5-6 types of passive cashflow generators as far as I know and work with, that are very simple to set and forget. Though you need to manage them a little but, you don’t work for money. AS it’s always said: ” you must work ON your business not IN your business.” Here are the ones I earn money from:


tECHNICAL ANALYSIS LEVEL 1-2Technical Analysis The Easy Way: This is probably the best way for you to learn TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. In these series of lessons, I show you exactly how you can start and get some insight on chart reading skills and analyzing entry, exit and money management of the market. You will learn how you can move from playing with chart patterns and indicators to serious trading skills and systems. You will see how you can see into the future just by looking at the charts and knowing exactly what to do and how to gain an edge over the market. My focus is on FOREX Market but lessons are applicable in any market as long as you can have a price chart.

Following this step by step lessons will enable you to stop searching for some one size fits all system and getting serious on implementing a working strategy that changes the way you look at the market and trading overall. Join Me On This Journey!

Technical Analysis Level 1

Technical Analysis Level 2

Technical Analysis Level 3

Money Management Skills

Building Systems And Strategies


passive cashflow academy binary-optionsBinary Options: I have a very keen interest for online trading. You only need a computer and an internet connection. You can literally earn passive cashflow from your trading anywhere in the world. It’s the probably the best way to have passive cash flow for those who love travelling. But, though it seems easy to earn money from online trading binary options, it’s much more easier to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s doesn’t cost much to learn how to trade and reap the rewards. If I can do it, anybody can do it.

Binary Options needs some chart reading skills plus some knowledge on how to trade options. It’s not like FOREX though you use the same price charts.

See How You Can Learn Binary Options Trading



passive cashflow academy

Get My Signals And Copy My Trades: I share my trades on some sharing platforms like and . You can register to my channels and whatever I trade will be copied automatically on your account. I have different systems and strategies, each with different risk management and payout ratio. You can see the trade history and the balance and equity curves and pick the one that suits your style and personality the most.

This is probably the best way for those who really want to be in the market and generate some passive cashflow from trading but either don’t have time or knowledge to be an active trader.

Check My Strategies : 



What Passive Cashflow Academy is not

The plan that I follow is mainly focused on financial literacy and educating people to be a good trader. I’m sure It takes a lot of hard work and effort to first find and then understand the rules if you decide to be a full time trader, but having a step by step plan and a mentor who has done it all before is definitely the best way of learning and becoming successful. Being a successful trader asks a 100% commitment and takes a lot of courage and time. So if you are here to find a shortcut or find a way to earn more money, PCA is not for you. Besides, I’m not rich and I just share what I learn. Two can play a same game and get totally different results. So make sure to know what you are looking for first and then plan your life. If you think the information I share here is not good for you, please make your changes in your plan and follow your own rules.

Structure of PCA and Game Rules

The idea of PCA blog is based on financial education and financial literacy. There are 5 major areas that every business person knows and follows:

  • Learning Curve and Building The Knowledge Fundamentals
  • Teaching Technical Analysis As The Core Rule Of Becoming A Trader
  • Psychology And Success In The Trading World
  • Turning A Hobby Into A Profitable Business
  • Management and Business Planning

Lack of knowledge in any of these areas leads us to failure. Imagine building an Empire State building without putting a deep and strong concrete base. It won’t last long and sooner or later it will collapse. But if you want to build a house in suburbs, you only need a 300mm slab. So define your goal first and then prepare yourself for the best results.

Domain and Hosting Strategy

No Matter what kind of online business you are interested in, a website is an essential part of the strategy if you really desire to generate a good amount of passive cashflow from doing an online business. There are a few free options like, Blogger, or Tumblr. Those are great options for some, but I don’t recommend that path for two important reasons:

1. When you use a free service, your domain name will almost always be an “extra” extension to the service provider’s own domain. For example, if I created SPI on Tumblr, the web address would be instead of

2. You have fewer customization options for design, functionality, and revenue. For example, I know that with free sites, you are limited to using only certain plugins, and you aren’t even allowed to advertise.

These two reasons alone are exactly why I recommend going with a self-hosted website. You have more control, it looks more professional, and you can truly call it your own.


Bluehost: The Hosting Company I Use And Trust


I’ve used Bluehost since the beginning and trust them implicitly. I love their customer support, live chat, and reliability.

I hear horror stories all the time from other online entrepreneurs dealing with massive hosting headaches. I never have them with Bluehost. Bluehost just works, which gives me amazing peace of mind!

Click here to get an EXCLUSIVE PASSIVE CASHFLOW ACADEMY DEAL at $3.49/month for a new domain and hosting account!

Disclaimer/Truth: I do earn a commission if you choose to go with Bluehost, It’s completely free for you though. There are obviously other hosting companies available, but again this is my recommendation based on my experience with the company since I started doing business online. If you do purchase through my affiliate link, thank you so much for your support!


Things You Must Consider Before Taking Action

I live in Melbourne, Australia. The ideas and information I share here on PCA are only applicable in Victoria, Australia. Though the general rule and game plan is the same in most part of the world, but it may have some differences among different states and countries. The tax laws and real estate trends and stock market ups and downs may be totally different in your area.

Every rich person has a great team of advisors around himself and uses their advice to make the best decision. Lack of having such a good team shouldn’t stop you from acting but you must have in mind to find and hire the best professionals as soon as you can. It definitely saves you lots of time and effort as well as money. Do not act on emotions. Decisions based on emotion normally end in regret. Ask, search and study as much as you can to get a better idea of what you want to do. finally it’s the system that works not money.


Last word

I work hard to build my future and I know that I will fail so many times. But these are the failures that finally lead to success. I share everything, good and bad, failures and successes, plans and scams so you know what to do.

The only thing I can say is that you are amazing. there is only one person like you and that’s you. So get up, plan the journey and start. Stop making excuses. Success is not easy and certainly is not for the lazy.

Good Luck

Mike Mohebbi

Founder and CEO of Passive Cashflow Academy



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