Vocabulary of the rich

borrowing is a fast word, saving is a slow word Cashflow is a fast word, Capital Growth is a slow word. Depreciation is a fast word, Appreciation is a slow word. I’m maybe wrong, But I’m certain in my wrongness. People don’t burnout, they loose their purpose. People who don’t try hard their game is not big enough. Champions (entrepreneurs) dominate, they don’t compete. If you know what day it is today, you are not busy enough. I don’t watch the news, I make the news. It is no coincidence that a century of total war coincides with a century of central banking. Ron Paul Risk comes from now knowing what you are doing. Warren Buffet The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. Vince Lombardi Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. I’m the master of my faith, I’m the captain of my soul. When…

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Jul 2015 My 3rd Monthly Financial Statement

My Monthly Financial Statement Jul 2015 passive cash flow academy

Welcome To My Jul 2015 Monthly Financial Statement!   I plan to write a financial statement each month to keep track of my incomes, expenses, assets and liabilities. I write up a detailed report about how my financial skills and numbers are progressing. In these reports, you’ll find not only what I’ve been up to and the lessons I’ve learned, but a line-by-line breakdown of the steps I’ve taken to learn a skill and/or education. Some numbers go up, some may go down, but there’s always a lesson involved. I write about the books I read. MOst of them are about financial literacy and things I need to be financially literate. If I attend a class or seminar, I write a detailed post about it and share all I learn. Let’s get right into it… . Things I Did This Month To Learn More About Financial Literacy Books I read (listened) this month: 1.…

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