My New WebSite All About Web Hosting Comparison List

Helloooooooo my dear friends! Guess what? I started another website. It is all about a comparison list of webhost providers and the different plans they have. I thought it’s very useful, specially for those of you who want to start blogging and own your own domain and site but don’t have enough money to get a very expensive host plan. this site is a list of all host providers which are based in us, australia, uk and canada mostly and I will add other host providers from other countries in the near future. visit this website at: I also have another site about web hosting comparison list which is not based on wordpress. Visit it here at: I bought this domain in an auction and I will install wordpress on it, like my other sites, cause it’s easy and very simple to

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Easy Invoice Finance And Invoice Discounting


 Invoice Finance

There may be so many of you who don’t know what Easy Invoice Finance and Invoice Discounting is (including me 2 weeks ago). So I searched all the sources I had but I couldn’t find a good explanation. I searched Google and banks and other financial companies websites but yet no good definition of Invoice Finance or Invoice Discounting I could find. So I thought this post will be very useful and helps lots of you to find the meaning and definition of Invoice Finance and a good source of the banks and other companies who provide this useful option for people. Now, do you really want to know what Easy Invoice Finance is?  

Invoice Finance Definition

// // Invoice Finance is a kind of borrowing money (from borrower point of view) very fast, because you have some invoices that you can’t pay them today,

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The Best Affirmations For Financial Prosperity, Attitudes of Wealth

winning the mind game PASSIVE CASHFLOW ACADEMY

These Attitudes of Wealth are from One of my mentors, T.Harv Eker. Two Years ago, I attended a seminar in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, held by Great Canadian speaker, T. Harv Eker , The seminar was about Millionaire Mind Intensive. Great three days! From 8 am till 8 pm we were amazed by Harv talking about the roots of the financial thinking inside each of us and consequently the result which is being financially poor or strong. He had a very unique way of addressing our inner self to see what is the deep root of seeking financial matter. He called it the “Tree Of inner Self” (or something like this). If the roots are not strong or corrupted, then there will be no fruit or if there is any, it may not be good. He didn’t mean that a person who has corrupted roots can

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Set Financial Goals

Goal-Steps financial goal setting PASSIVE CASHFLOW ACADEMY

Do you have financial dreams or financial goals?

While they may sound like the same thing, they’re not. A financial dream is something you hope for; a financial goal is something you’ve planned for. And it’s the planning – not the hoping – that turns financial desires into financial reality.

What Does a Financial Goal Look Like?

A financial goal states:

  • what you plan to accomplish
  • what resources you’ll need to make it happen
  • how much time you’ll need to make it happen
  • how you plan to make your goal fit into your overall budget and life

  Ready to create your own financial goals?

Financial Goals Setting

Some think that setting financial goals is very hard and needs lots of education and experience. Though if we have knowledge and experience, setting financial goals will be very easier and much more accurate but if you want to do

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Secrets of The Rich: Difference Between Asset And Liability

Secrets of The Rich: Difference Between Asset And Liability

I always wondered :”What is The Secrets of The Rich?” and Robert Kiyosaki answered is his book Rich Dad Poor Dad : It’s The Difference Between Asset And Liability. This post is a short review of this topic and I will talk about each part of this amazing book in the future posts. You can Download this book from Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money–That You Don’t Learn in School! Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! When I was a little boy, once we were out shopping with my mum and I asked her to buy a toy when we passed a toys shop. I don’t

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How To Set Goals In SMART Way

SMART Goal Setting passive cashflow academy

Hi dear readers! (this is the first post, there is no readers yet but for the future ones). This is the first post I’m writing for PCA blog and it’s nothing but “How To Set Goals In SMART Way. Setting goals is a crucial step in your life, whether you want to get a degree, a better job, buy something, learn a new skill… Or get rich! There are so many websites and video clips and programs that teach people how to set goals. You can search Google and you’ll find so many useful contents and resources. What I want to do here is to show you a simple but very effective step by step strategy to set financial goals. This is a hard topic and challenges your mind because it affects all aspects of your life. Though it doesn’t look very hard from the beginning. If you ask people:” what

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