Mutual Funds Or Index Funds How Can You Invest In Index Funds

What I actually want to talk about in this post can be divided into different sections:

  • What is SuperAnnuation
  • How To Choose a Super
  • What Happens To Your Super Money
  • WHich Type Of Super Is Best

What Is SuperAnnuation?

As you may know, Super ( the complete form is SuperAnnuation ) is actually the money that you pay to a super fund company for your retirement ages. This money is from the contributions that your employer does to your account. You can top it up by adding some money yourself to this amount that your employer pays if you want to have more money at retirement ages. Even government sometimes adds some money to your super if your income is lower than a threshold. The amount that your employer should contribute to your super fund is currently about 9.5% of your income and it’s mandatory. This amount can be

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ETF and ITF, Exchange Traded Funds And Index Traded Funds, What Are They

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Index Traded Funds : The Best Secure Way For Our Retirement Ages

Index Traded Funds are probably the best funds for our retirement plans. Much better than the IRA, 401k, Australian SuperAnnuation. They are very low fee funds which offer more secure and low cost investments for our older ages.

What Is Index Traded Fund?

An index traded fund is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that aims to replicate the movements of an index of a specific financial market. Normally Mutual Funds are a mixture and combination of many stock shares and are the common tools and ways for super fund organizations. If you check the portfolio of your retirement fund (and I highly advice you to do this check) you will see that most of the investments of the super fund company is composed of blue chip stocks and some major companies shares. If the market share

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Mr JAMES WOLFENSOHN, has been the president of The World Bank for over 10 years between 1995 to 2005. He talks about the future of the world and the new economic powers appearing in the world up to 2050. It’s very amazing to know that by 2050, the population of the world will be more than 9 billion. The 3 billion increase will be within only 40 years of which 100 million will be in developed and industrial countries like USA and europe and the rest of 2.9 billion will belong to developing countries in asia ad africa. As the people in first world countries are getting older, the new young generation is emerging in China and India. Imagine the effects and power change this young generation will bring for these countries. USA has been the world leader for about 100 years and US Dollar has been the major currency in

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Historical Dates and Events Affecting Economy and Money

When I was in school, Reading math, algebra and geometry was very hard for me. Though I always was in the top 3, but I never liked those subjects. My favorite subjects were language, literature and history. I still love them and continue reading and learning them. Yhen I fell in love with economics and started to read about the money flow and monetary fund. I loved history and I loved economics, so I started to read economics history. I found our about how money was created and how gold and silver have pushed economies forward. I read about US dollar history and Federal Reserve. I believe if we know the history, we can learn lots of new lessons and plan a better future or as an old word says:” nations who do not know the history are destined to repeat it”. In this post, I list most of the

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5 Fairy Tale Stories That Rich People Believe In And Follow

Do you like fairy tale stories? I know I like some of them very much. But I’d never had looked at them rich way until I read Robert Kiyosaki’ books. He says that his rich dad used to tell them stories of past to clear some ideas about how rich people think and how others should do to become rich. These stories are the ones that I think explain the rich ideas best. I explain why and how they relate to rich people thinking and methodology and how you can use them and apply them to your daily life to become rich. . 1. The Three Little Pigs the three little pigs passive cash flow academyOnce upon a time there were three little pigs. One pig built a

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The Story of Trusts And How We Can Use Them For Asset Protection And Tax Benefits

Note: This post is about using TRUSTS and is based on the book “Asset Protection Secrets of a Real Estate Millionaire” by Dymphna Boholt. I attended a seminar where she explained how she got into property investment and how she produced so much passive cashflow from her properties that she didn’t need to work anymore and retired financially free. This is a great book if you want to grow your investment into a cash producing company. This book is written for Australia and the laws and regulations are for Australian Property Market generally, though 90% of the rules are the same in the U.S. and Canada and the strategies discussed are the best anywhere in the world. The U.S.

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