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So, You decided To Copy My Trades! 

First, check out my accounts profits and gains so you know what you will get:


My MQL5 Account Growth and Gains:


passive cashflow academy copy trades mql5


My MyFxBook Account Growth and Gains: 


passive cash flow academy copy my trades myfxbook



Now Let’s See Where You Should Start!

There are platforms and websites that let traders share their strategies, trades, and successes and other traders can sign up to these systems (for a very small monthly fee) and copy the trades. A trader who is successful signs up to the platform and after installing some codes, he can share his trades and systems automatically. You sign up the same way and register to his system and strategy and after installing an EA (Expert Advisor) on your trading program, all of his trades will be automatically copied to your account.


What Platforms?

There are some brokers and companies who have started to connect professional traders with the others to help both enjoy the luxury of trading. The two major ones are:

  1. (The company which built the Metatrader program)
  2. MyFxBook (sponsored by FxPro broker)

There are some other very good ones out there but currently, I work with these two platforms because of the ease of use and stability and quality of the system and support they have. I am currently testing other platforms and as soon as I start working with them, I will add them here in this page so you can check them out.


First Things First!

I started to work with these two platforms late June 2017. Though I registered to their websites from 2010, I actually didn’t share any of my trades with them. My interactions with them were only for the freelancers that work there and also reading and getting information.

To start copying my trades, first thing is to open a Metatrader account for trading. I assume you have one but If you don’t, These are brokers I work with more than 10 years. They are very trustable and the customer support is fantastic. Check them out:


a. for Australian, Asian, African and European Traders:

  1. VantageFx (ASIC regulated, based in Australia, you’ll get 10% bonus when you open a standard account through this link)
  2. AxiTrader (ASIC regulated, based in Australia, Your losses are covered up to $200 for the first month when you open a standard account through this link )
  3. FxPro (CySec regulated, based in Cyprus)
  4. ICMarkets (ASIC regulated, based in Australia)

( I am an IB of these brokers and if you register through these links, I will get a small commission  from them, but it’s totally FREE for you)


b. For the United States and Canadian Traders

None of the brokers mentioned above work with US or Canada so if you are based in North America, you better find other brokers based there. I prefer, OANDAthinkorswim, and IBFX.

I don’t have an account with them yet and I am not an IB for these brokers. It is your responsibility to check them out and choose the one that suits you best. Though all of them offer fantastic spreads and introductory packages.


Now The Good Part: How To Copy My Trades!

First, you must register an account with any of these websites. It’s totally FREE and very easy. I prefer MQL5 because most of you use Metatrader program and it’s very easy to connect to their platform. ( Remeber the least amount that you must fund your account is $500, preferably $1000. This money is your own money and you must deposit it to your trading account after you open a trading account with one of the brokers above. Even if you have other accounts with other brokers, I highly advise you to open a new account with the brokers I mentioned. It’s much better to keep it as a separate account.


The Two Platforms 

1. MQL5

passive cash flow academy copy trades



2. MyFxBook

passive cash flow academy copy trades trade




Click on the images or links above and leave your name and email so you can go to their websites and see my trades, history, and profits. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account with them, it’s very easy and it’s TOTALLY FREE to register.

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