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I know that you may have so many questions and there are many things confusing or look a bit strange. If this is the first time you read about Passive Cashflow and how rich people win the game. I suggest you go through the blog posts first and search for the topic you want and read them all.



Good News!

I always write about the blank spaces and missing pieces of investing and passive cashflow I think I have. I believe most of the people need to learn a lot of things about how money works and how we can generate income without working much, so I put this page here for you to ask any question you might have. Please send me an email, I try to answer all the emails as soon as I can.


I Do My Best!

I want to be rich (who doesn’t) and I educate myself to act like a rich and learn whatever I can. I believe the scholastic education lacks a lot of things about life and it’s not able to prepare us to be Financially Free. In school (and college later) we learn to study hard so we can get a safe and secure job in the future and start making money. But we actually do not learn anything about how money works and how we can use it in our favor to make it work for us. So we need a different type of education to become rich. I promise to learn as much as I can and share all I learn here in PCA blog with you my dear friends, so you don’t need to go through all the hassle and obstacles in the way to get rich. I want to make this blog a one-stop-education-place for all of you so you don’t need to go anywhere else and get rid of all the scams out there.


How You Can Contact Me!

Click on the button below, you can send me an email and ask your question in the pop-up window., Please if you have a website or blog, mention it in the comment section so I can check what you do and find the best way to help you. Accept my upfront apology if it takes time to answer your emails because I receive lots of emails every day and believe me, it’s very hard to answer all of them at once. But I try to answer as many as I can so you get your answer on time.


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