Market Is Going Ballistic, Nice Profit In Three Days, All Trades Hit My Profit Targets

XAUUSDDaily2 passive cashflow academy

Quicker Than What I Thought! Yesterday was very great and there was nice moves in many currency pairs. I got some nice profits and my targets were hit. Though in usdjpy, I didn’t expect a very fast and sharp move down and I was initially planned to enter again and have a longer target but, price hit my target. I will have an eye on usdjpy in the next days and if I see a good opportunity, I will enter again. .   GOLD/SILVER Gold and Silver are acting very good and a nice bullish move is forming. I have one position in silver still. In Gold, price it my profit target and I got out of the wave. I will definitely look into Gold in the next days to get in again. .. . .   . AUDUSD There is a very sharp bullish move in audusd and it…

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Mental Traits a Trader Should Work To Develop To Be Successful

passive cashflow academy

That’s a question every trader must answer before taking any risk trading. Though it never comes that fast. Generally, trading is like any other profession. Trader must have some skills in trading or the technicalities. There are many things that a trader should learn and know, no matter what market he wants to trade and some specific things about that market as well.    Discipline: Probably the first and most important ability or habit a trader must have is Discipline. If you have the best trading strategy, a huge account size and the best and fastest platform and internet connection, you can lose it all if you trade haphazardly. With a mediocre system and a small account, you can prosper over time in trading if you have discipline enough to follow your system. A trader must practice discipline and following his system/strategy rules with so much persistence that it becomes second nature to…

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2nd Forex Trade Silver vs Aussie Dollar

This is an example of missing to check all time frames before entering a trade. I entered only by seeing the weekly chart and didn’t fine tune my entry by looking at daily chart. This is the weekly chart. A very good pin bar is formed and candle has crossed the emas. though I must have entered at the close of the pin bar and that would be a much better entry. This is the daily chart and as it’s pretty obvious, there is no signal present. and as daily is my main time frame, I made a deadly mistake taking this trade. Stop loss is under the pin bar and take profit is double the stop loss at 61.6% of Fibo Retracement: Today is 09-Feb-2017  After One Week, as you can see, price has moved to my favor but still not break even. Look at the daily chart: As…

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Forex 1st Trade in Gold

This is a trade I took in daily time frame in XAUUSD or Gold vs US Dollar. This signal was generated by my first system. The entry signals are as follows: 1. Candle must open above both ema=3 and ema=8. 2. Candle must close below both ema=3 and ema=8. 3. Stochastic (14,3,5) must be in Overbought area and crosses down. Upon opening next candle, I entered. Stop Loss was at High of the Candle that crossed emas. The R/R is 1/3. I entered again at the break of candle below both emas in H4 timeframe. But, the candle formed a pin bar. Trade Conditions:  1. Signal Accuracy: 90%. I entered exactly as the signals, but a little bit late. I was not at my computer when the next daily candle opened.2. 2. Money Management: I entered with one lot and with 100 pips stop loss, it’s $1000 risk to my…

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3 Reasons Government Likes Inflation And High Interest Rate (and why you shouldn’t)

Inflation and Interest passive cahflow academy

When it comes to money and economy and becoming wealthy, It seems most of the people have a vague idea about how economy system works. They only look at interest rate in the dollar amount that they have to pay back, which is actually right, but they really don’t have any idea how the government steals their wealth by injecting inflation into the system. In this post I want to explain what inflation is and how it works in very simple way so everybody with any amount of knowledge understands it and uses it in his/her advantage. A little on history of inflation in the old days, before we have Federal reserve (FED) or any central banks, the price of the goods and services was determined by the supply and demand in the market. Though in short periods of time, kings used to tax people to finance wars, but for most of…

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