Generating Cashflow From Binary Options Trading

passive cashflow academy binary-optionsAfter many years of trading FOREX and reading technical charts, I know the ups and downs of the currencies and economies. I never thought of changing trading forex to anything else. It had all the characteristics I needed. I could work from home, anytime I wanted, From anywhere I wanted with only one laptop and an internet connection with the capability of scaling up my profits by trading larger amounts of money. I could make money when the market goes up or down. either way I had the opportunity to make some good money.

It was so until I heard about Binary Options Trading. It was even easier to trade than FOREX. I could make money even in half minute periods. I could set a deal with a certain amount of money, if after the time expires the price stays above/below the price level at the time of entering, I made a profit. So, it was only up or down.

Though it looked easy to make money this way, it was much easier to lose money as well. Actually for the first couple of times I invested some money, I lost it all. So, I started to learn about binary options and making profits.


This is how a FOREX chart looks like:




AS you can see, the price goes up and down and you can enter the market either way. If the price goes up, you BUY and if the price goes down you SELL. and the amount of your profit depends on how much money you put in and when and how you exit. Sometimes the market moves in your favor but you don’t exit the trade ( for any reason) and the price moves back and goes the opposite direction and you have a losing trade instead of a winning one. As much as the market goes in you r favor you make more money and as much as the price goes against you, you lose money.

You have the opportunity of making a huge money or losing all of your money by putting a small amount. But it doesn’t mean you can’t win. I have learned a lot from pro traders and I can make good money in this market. I can show you how you can make some profit only by trading a small amount.


And this is how a Binary Options chart looks like:




In this chart, when you open a trade, the time and price of entry is recorded. As you can see in the above part of the chart, the time frame is 0.5 min. it means whenever you open a position, it expires after half a minute. At the bottom, there are two arrows to determine market up or down movement. If you select the up arrow, meaning during next half a min market goes up, and market actually goes up, you make 64% of your investment plus the actual amount ($25+$16=$41) you put in. But if the market closes lower the entry price, no matter how much, you only lose the money you set ($25 in the picture) no more.

So, the amount of money you make or lose depends on the money you risk no more. even if the price crashes, you only lose the set amount. And that was another reason I was attracted to Binary Options. This market has the capacity of doubling your money in a week or so ( even in a day, though with a high risk involved).

So, If you are interested in trading Binary Options and you like the idea of staying home and earning a cashflow by only a computer and an internet anytime, join your friends by leaving your email in the form below.

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