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Hi. I’m Mike. I’m an Entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.

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I have two BA degrees, English Literature and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. At Oct-2011 I migrated to Australia with my family (my daughter was 7 at that time) and tried to find a job as an aircraft maintenance engineer, specialized in Avionics (electric-electronics, navigation, and RADAR systems) that I had 10 years experience in. But I couldn’t get a job because none of my certificates were recognized in Australia (I had 4 aircraft maintenance type certificates, 3 Airbuses, and 1 Fokker 100) and I started to work as a tradesman up to now (2015).

I always wanted to be rich (who doesn’t!) and I mean uber rich. As a student in primary and high school, I was always number one or first runner up in my class (that’s why I got into aircraft industry).  one of the things that have been with me through all these years is studying books other than school materials, especially rich and successful people biographies and successes. I learned that most of the successful people have been very poor with very limited resources, but the only thing that kept them going was a great passion and desire to improve and move forward, the desire to help others and their society, though sometimes they were considered greedy, unusual and unsociable (which is most of the times wrong). I studied Edison, Bell, Newton, Franklin, Pastor and so many others who invented amazing things and discovered many of the world’s secrets. The person I like the most among all of the inventors is Nikola Tesla whom we owe the discovery of AC electricity and invention of the fluorescent lamp and many other things.

I also study rich and powerful people lives and biographies. Rothschild family, John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil Founder), J.P. Morgan (Owner of Morgan Bank),  Vanderbilt (shipping and railroad empires of Cornelius Vanderbilt), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Co-Founders of Google) and many others.

I also studied the flow of cash and gold through nations. How Rothschild family funded both sides of almost every war from 1800 forward or how J.P Morgan and Edison had huge impacts on America’s economy. How Bill Gates bought an idea and turned it into multi billion dollar business and how Warren buffet made fortune by playing the rules of the market and how bankers made wars and made poor and middle-class pay tax to fund wars.


In my opinion, all of these people had one thing in common (if not many) and it was a STRATEGY. They all knew how to use the rules in their favor and how to benefit from other people’s knowledge and how to expand their wings beyond everybody’s imagination. I like rich people and I like capitalism. It’s the ultimate way to be free if we know how to do it. If we learn from the rich and do what rich do.

in Passive Cashflow Academy I try to share all the ideas I learn from rich and show everybody a way to be happy. I study and learn and write about it, so you can benefit the most and spend your time on other important things. And remember, money is not the root of evil, Lack of money is the root of all evil. Money doesn’t make you rich but this is the knowledge and knowing the rules that ultimately wins. Money is a by-product, an illusion, it doesn’t exist, we made it, Rich made it to control wealth. In my blog posts, I will explain this completely and prove it.

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Be Rich and Be Happy!

Mike Mohebbi


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